Western Australian State Agreements

Western Australian State Agreements: An Introduction

Western Australia is a resource-rich state and has a significant stake in the country`s resources sector. The Western Australian government has entered into State Agreements with various companies to develop these resources, including minerals, oil and gas, and renewable energy.

What is a State Agreement?

A State Agreement is a legally binding agreement between the Western Australian government and a private company. The agreement outlines terms and conditions for the development of a specific resource project.

State Agreements are unique to Western Australia and were first introduced in the 1920s. They are designed to promote investment and development in the state and encourage companies to explore new resources.

State Agreements are negotiated on a case-by-case basis and include provisions for infrastructure development, job creation, and environmental protection.

How do State Agreements benefit Western Australia?

State Agreements provide economic benefits to Western Australia. They generate revenue for the state government through royalties and taxes and create jobs for the local community.

State Agreements also provide certainty for companies investing in resource projects by outlining the terms and conditions for development. This provides confidence for investors and encourages further investment in the state.

Recent State Agreements in Western Australia

In recent years, Western Australia has entered into several new State Agreements with companies developing resources in the state.

In 2019, the Western Australian government signed a State Agreement with Woodside Petroleum to develop the Scarborough gas field off the coast of Western Australia. This agreement will secure the long-term future of the gas industry in the state and is expected to generate significant revenue for the government.

In 2020, Western Australia signed a State Agreement with Mineral Resources Limited for the development of the Wodgina Lithium Project. This project will create hundreds of jobs in the local area and provide a significant boost to the state`s economy.


Western Australian State Agreements play a critical role in the development of the state`s resource sector. They provide economic benefits to the state, generate revenue for the government, and create employment opportunities for the local community.

State Agreements help to ensure investment in the state`s resource sector is conducted in a sustainable and transparent manner. As Western Australia`s resource sector continues to grow, State Agreements will remain an important part of the state`s economic landscape.